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Say Bye-Bye.

Say Bye Bye to what? My Moustache-Goatee!! ~~Noo!! D:
haha, So i’ve finally finished filming the FLS Movie and I’m already starting to film my next drama.
For my next role i must shave away my Moustache-Goatee. So it’s Bye Bye~~~Just for now!!!
I’m sure going to miss it. Haha.

I know i look different without it. haha!



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Lack of Sleep…

Ok we are really close to the end of our filming days for the movie.
So much to film in such little time.
Everyone is tired, But got to hang in there! Almost done!
Everybody is trying to sneak a couple minutes of sleep now and then.

I’m not so fortunate like Cho Lam. He has the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime in a CLICK.
So i just try to rest my eyes when i get the chance. Just closing them for about a minute already feels like paradise.

Everyone GA YAO!


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Hey Baby~

Ooolala! Gimme a kiss Director! MUUUAAHH X
I’m HUNGRY. – Hungry for more! lol

Whenever i look at myself as Hungry i wanna knock myself out.
I seriously can’t stand the sight of myself as a woman………..

LOL what do you think?


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