FLS Concerts in the US & Malaysia!

Very successful concerts in both the States and Malaysia.
I would never forget the cheers and the laughter we shared.
Remember, Keep Smiling. 🙂

Thank You all for your Support!



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6 responses to “FLS Concerts in the US & Malaysia!

  1. Haha, the 1st one~ Congratulations! Hope one day I can see your show on site!

  2. Were there.. Thanks for bringing us all the laughters ❤

  3. Lynn

    U guys never fail to make me laugh =)

  4. Andrea1220

    You guys are really cool in Malaysia …. I was there too…and we met at the Genting Resort Hotel parking lot… can u remembered it??XD I’m the only one who wearing hat….and the youngest …XDXD

  5. Hakkamoy

    Hi, Johnson! Out of all of your impersonations, I find that Adam Cheng is the most realistic. The voice, the singing, the dancing, the body movements and even the looks. Yes, even the looks! Believe it or not, the first time I heard 笑看風雲 on 荃加福祿壽, I actually thought it was Adam Cheng, until the camera zoomed into you. In fact, sometimes in 天天天晴 I can hear a little bit of Adam Cheng’s voice when Ming Sir talks. It seems to come quite natural for you. Hehe…hope this Adam Cheng impersonation thing doesn’t stick to you in real life though.

    You three FLS really have brought laughter into the homes and hearts of many people. It is evident that you guys have put a large amount of time and hard work into making the shows and concerts that can be seen in every corner of the globe. That’s why you guys call it “universal”, right? Hope you guys will continue to have more concerts scheduled in the near future.

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