Me and Louis having Pho in Reno.
The pho was very original and tasty, better than many Pho restaurants in HK. D:
Just look at our faces!! lol



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11 responses to “Pho!

  1. Andrea1220

    I love that faces~!XDXD

  2. ha! glad you guys have a good time my mom say im too lil’ to watch so much tvb cause im 11 and she doesent know i come and see your sight plus im in canada and you guys dont come often so i try reaaly hard to find your blog just wanted to say hi and wish you luck on 換樂無窮

    • Hakkamoy

      Hi, Joey. I think TVB series should be fine for kids of all age to watch. They have been “screened” to eliminate all swearing, nudity and overly violent scenes. Born and raised in Canada myself, I sort of depended on TVB to keep the Asian culture at hand. At least it eliminated the culture shock when I went back to Asia for visits. In fact, I learned to understand Cantonese just from watching TVB series!

      It really depends on where you live in Canada, whether you’re close to any Chinese community or not. In my generation, parents were focused on learning English because that would be the only way to find a decent, higher paying job. Hence many people, my age do not know how to speak or understand their parents’ language. The sad part was that many were “ashamed” to let their friends or schoolmates know that they speak another language other than English or French.

      Times have changed. Now it is “trendy” to know several different languages. And did you know that kids have self-taught themselves languages (e.g. Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese) just from listening to music sung from their idols? I thought that was kind of cool! Don’t you agree?

      P.S. Keep peace at home. Don’t start arguing with your mother about this though. 🙂

  3. Hakkamoy

    Citizen King 2008 Movie Random Thoughts Part V.

    To tell you the truth, I’m not a movie addict. Maybe one or two of Jacky Chan’s humour and action pack movies but not more than that. Probably because I feel that the 2 hours hype is too short and doesn’t leave a deep enough feeling lingering inside me. Or maybe I just don’t have an “artful” mind.

    I like TV series because there’s enough time to get to know each character and absorb their personality. But I will try to get my hands on the “Fortune Buddies” movie when it does come out since now that I’m hooked on FLS. (Damn it…)

    I purchased the “Citizen King” DVD for two reasons. One, to get a chance to hear you speak English. Second, I was curious to see what Johnson Lee, as a director could do.

    Since you came to Canada at the age of 10 and stayed here for 14 years, I consider you to be half westernized. That’s the cool part because you understand both the minds of Asians and North Americans.

    As for being the “master of accents”, Citizen King is quite good. In fact, he is so good that I couldn’t tell where the narrator originally came from. So good, that I couldn’t tell when Johnson Lee is intentionally putting in a “Cantonese” accent to his English lines so that Citizen King’s character can be more realistically protrayed as a 100% Hong Kong citizen. (Learning English at such a young age, I don’t believe you will have much of a Cantonese accent.)

    BTW, I take back what I said about the movie not being funny. There were a few parts like the brief head shot of Brian Burrell when he cross-dresses; when Citizen King ties Larry Mills to a chair and he’s beggng for his dear life; and of course when Gordon Liu says that he’s not hungry as a banana is thrown at him before he faints.

    I can’t believe the amount of swearing that was jammed into the last part f the movie though. OK, you’re hearing this from a TVB fanatic not a regular movie-goer. I heard enough at school and an enough at work, don’t need to fill my ears more from the screen.

    Looking forward to your next indie movie!

  4. 渴楽

    哇 好美味的样子 吃不到呀

  5. caamun

    Johnson! I just had the opportunity to see your performance of the song “Oh Gal” by 鄭少秋. You did a great job, d神髓好似呀!my mom walked by while I was watching it and said, is that 鄭少秋 on tv?! Good job man!

  6. Viv

    Address please? So that the next time I drop by HK, can have a taste too…Hahaha…. I love Vietnamese food too….

  7. joey

    hey viv the place is in the u.s reno

  8. Hakkamoy

    It’s been one month now! No more posts for your North American fans?

  9. Why are you not updating your blog? Are you too busy?

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