Upcoming Concert.

So after being guest for Leon X U concert last month it’s time for me to be preparing FLS’s next Hong Kong Concert on February 4th! Getting busy already for the beginning of 2012. We have also been recording our first album! Which is very exciting for us! I hope you all will like our new songs.

Happy New Year!
and hope your wishes come true this year. Work hard! No pain, No gain!



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5 responses to “Upcoming Concert.

  1. Are you acting like Leon Lai? I think i guessed right. But your actions are really look like the artists who you have acted before. it’s also funny!

  2. Hope your wishes come true too…..^^

  3. Carmen

    Happy New Year Johnson!

    Best wishes to you for 2012!!! Looking forward to your new projects!

  4. Hakkamoy

    Hello, Handsome! How’s that to start the New Year, eh? It’s been a long long time, no see on this blog.

    Sounds like both you and Leon had lots of fun on stage. A compatible pair indeed.

    Another FLS concert! Hooray! Wow, this time at the “紅館”! A wish come true!

    I have no doubt that you guys’ new album will be a memorable one. All three of you have very different voices, but when you sing together, the outcome sounds really good. I already like the songs that you guys have sung on the various programs. Lyrics are simple (easy for us hard-at-Chinese-language people to understand) and the tune easy to remember (way to go, John Laudon!)

    Happy New Year! All the best for the year 2012! Okay, no pain, no gain but still promise us fanatics that you’ll watch your health! Get some sleep and lots of rest before the concert! Take care.

  5. Viv


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