FLS’s First album.

FLS – Brothers (福祿壽 – 兄弟) Album is finally out! This is our first album together with our new songs.
Its not a imitation album although the cover makes it seem like it.
The album has the following songs:

01. 兄弟 (福禄寿)
02. 爆笑一条龙 (福禄寿)
03. 圣诞来了(福禄寿)
04. 你是如此难以忘记 (王祖蓝)
05. 忘记谢谢你 (阮兆祥)
06. 手机 (李思捷)
07. 踢拖 (福禄寿)
Also a DVD containing the music video of 兄弟 and 爆笑一条龙.

Anyway i hope you like our Album and i will end this post by saying, Happy Chinese New year! and wishing you all the best of the Dragon Year!



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5 responses to “FLS’s First album.

  1. Carmen

    Happy Chinese New Year Johnson!!! Congratulations on the release of FLS’s first album!

  2. Hakkamoy

    Congratulations on FLS’s first album! Yes! I remember the denim jean bib overalls outfit that Jacky Cheung wore on one of his album covers. Hahaha…the album that I have is on cassette tape. Very old technology now. How time flies. But if you think about it, our generation is the most fortunate because we get to see how technology grows and how fast the entertainment business changes. I still cherish those large vinyl records (especially the transparent green one from Leslie Cheung’s Stand Up album). I liked the large posters and the photo-filled lyrics booklet they came in.

    Now, the majority of the people will just purchase the songs online for a buck US each. Come to think of it, being on the westcoast of Canada, I only see one major Chinese record store. Sadly, the rest are all gone now. Not enough business. I can see single song purchasing as an advantage if you only like maybe 1 or 2 songs off a particular album but I would think most fanatics would like to keep a physical album of their idols’ songs (preferably with signatures).

    Oh! I see that the album list is in simplified chinese. Is Hong Kong swapping from traditional to simplified written chinese?

    Hey, you have yourself a happy Chinese New Year too! (Just watched TVB’s CNY Day 1 show with FLS, Liza Wang & Law Ka Ying. My parents said that you three reminded them of raccoons in the white/grey/black spotted with horizonal strips outfit you guys had on. Sorry, had to let you know! Hahaha!)

    Take care!

  3. So sad that can’t find this album in Malaysia….T.T

  4. Hakkamoy

    Last year during October, there was news about 《都市閒情》 having a cooking contest hosted by 周中 and 安德尊. Do you know if this is still in the works? Or has it been aired in HK already? Is Lee Mama going to be one of the contestants?

  5. Chris

    Hi Johnson! I really like the song 《兄弟》!
    Looking forward to your new projects!

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