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FLS HK Coliseum Concert!

FLS had their first concert at the HK Coliseum Concert concert hall.
We had so much fun during the whole process from Planning to the actual show day.
Tickets were sold out so fast which makes me very happy to know but at the same time make me wish it wasn’t just one day.

I must say thank you to everyone backstage and to all our guest appearances who made the show even more lively! It’s great to have people join in the fun.

Most of all i want to thank you guys for all your support.
We wouldn’t have made it to the HK Coliseum without you.

We announced at the end of the show that we will temporarily disband. This is because each of us will be very busy with our own separate work for the rest of the year. Hopefully you guys will support us as individuals as well as a group.

We will be back soon! 😀



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