FLS HK Coliseum Concert!

FLS had their first concert at the HK Coliseum Concert concert hall.
We had so much fun during the whole process from Planning to the actual show day.
Tickets were sold out so fast which makes me very happy to know but at the same time make me wish it wasn’t just one day.

I must say thank you to everyone backstage and to all our guest appearances who made the show even more lively! It’s great to have people join in the fun.

Most of all i want to thank you guys for all your support.
We wouldn’t have made it to the HK Coliseum without you.

We announced at the end of the show that we will temporarily disband. This is because each of us will be very busy with our own separate work for the rest of the year. Hopefully you guys will support us as individuals as well as a group.

We will be back soon! 😀



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15 responses to “FLS HK Coliseum Concert!

  1. Carmen

    Congratulations on a successful concert, Johnson (and the rest of the FLS team!!!)!!!! Hope you get to take a break before you start on your new projects! Looking forward to all of them! Please keep us posted! Take care! 😀

  2. Hakkamoy

    ongrats! It must have been a wish come true for you guys to be able to have your own FLS concert at the HK Coliseum. I’m really happy for you all!:)

    While you’re taking a break, us Canadian fans are watching your shows and TVB series. Just finished with “Links to Temptation”. Love your little brother role. Very adorable at times…hehe.

    Now starting with “Only You”. What a nasty guy you were treating Yoyo so badly in that series…humph!
    And yes, oh yes, this coming Sunday FLS is on “All Star Glam Exam”! I’m already excited about it from just watching the TV previews…hahaha!

    At least you get a break from wearing ladies’ high-heeled shoes. 😉 Anyways, take lots of rest and take good care of yourself.

    P.S. Don’t forget to upload pics on your filming process!

  3. Hakkamoy

    Oops! I meant “Congrats!” not “ongrats!”.

  4. Hakkamoy

    You were on “All Star Glam Exam” last night on Fairchild TV! Hahaha…that “high class restaurant waiter uniform” (as Natalis Chan puts it) you had on with the brown tinted glasses was enough to make me laugh, even before seeing you dance. “Like a 鮑魚, touch for the very first time…” you guys sure were having a lot of fun making that show. Like how you held your laughter in while making everyone else around you laugh. Yes, you’re on the next episode also! 期待…

  5. Mouuuuse

    Ahhh when you gonna un-disband? (if that is even a word)
    Gonna miss you guys together!

    Best of luck 😉

  6. where can i get the FLS CD i live in vancouver so its very hard to find: (

    • Hakkamoy


      Go to http://www.malmusic.com > English > Music > Search > Artist Name > type in “Johnson Lee” > GO and you should see the music CD+DVD called “Brother” by Cho Nam Wong/Johnson Lee/Louis Yuen CAD14.99 and should be in stock.

      Richmond Union Square Store:
      #1033 – 8300 Capstan Way, Richmond
      B.C. Canada V6X 4B7
      Tel: (604) 276-2831
      Fax: (604) 276-2865

      I only see a Richmond store, none in Vancouver but still pretty close for you. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Hakkamoy

    Hi Johnson! How’s life treating you these days?
    You know us fans miss your blogging so much!

  8. Hakkamoy

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Johnson.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Wishing you a most memorable birthday! *Hug* *Hug* all the way from Canada!

  9. Amy

    I love you so much!

  10. cheng.ling@ymail.com

    i so happy can see u

  11. I wonder when will you appear again on the TV show or in the shopping mall events, cause I really miss to see you so much! All my hope is to can see you with a real person standing suddenly or right in front of me and makes surprise! I hope i can have your pen sign, so that i could keep it. Please appear as fast as you can, i can’t wait to see you!

  12. Hi I live in Vancouver and had been waiting a very long time but I just cant find this concert in DVD form so im just wondering will there be A DVD VERSION OF THE CONCERT OUT???

  13. annie

    Hi Johnson, u haven’t updated the blog for long long time…. missing you……

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