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FLS’s First album.

FLS – Brothers (福祿壽 – 兄弟) Album is finally out! This is our first album together with our new songs.
Its not a imitation album although the cover makes it seem like it.
The album has the following songs:

01. 兄弟 (福禄寿)
02. 爆笑一条龙 (福禄寿)
03. 圣诞来了(福禄寿)
04. 你是如此难以忘记 (王祖蓝)
05. 忘记谢谢你 (阮兆祥)
06. 手机 (李思捷)
07. 踢拖 (福禄寿)
Also a DVD containing the music video of 兄弟 and 爆笑一条龙.

Anyway i hope you like our Album and i will end this post by saying, Happy Chinese New year! and wishing you all the best of the Dragon Year!



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Shabu Shabu

It’s starting to get a little chilly in Hong Kong.

So it’s the best time to start eating things like Hot Pot or japanese shabu shabu with your friends.

Oh! And another thing you must eat during winter is clay hot pot rice! Yum!


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Quick dose of Beach Medicine

Hey Everyone it’s been a while.
I’ve been remarkably busy with my newest drama, movie, shows etc and right when i had a week free i went on vacation for a few days to free my head slightly by the beach, while i continue writing my script.

Right when i got back to Hong Kong i few off again to Malaysia for a show, so it’s been non-stop.
Now i am working on our ‘FLS Christmas Special’ along with my own other surprises.

I will try update more often. Lot’s of Love.


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Me and Louis having Pho in Reno.
The pho was very original and tasty, better than many Pho restaurants in HK. D:
Just look at our faces!! lol


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Say Bye-Bye.

Say Bye Bye to what? My Moustache-Goatee!! ~~Noo!! D:
haha, So i’ve finally finished filming the FLS Movie and I’m already starting to film my next drama.
For my next role i must shave away my Moustache-Goatee. So it’s Bye Bye~~~Just for now!!!
I’m sure going to miss it. Haha.

I know i look different without it. haha!


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